18 // Ask Less, Offer More

I got a couple copies of a key made today.

At the first brand-name hardware store I went to, the only place I could find to make a key was a self-serve kiosk with a screen that said “Get started!” in big letters. Another sign announced, in much smaller letters, “cash only.” And in even smaller letters, a third decal explained, “exact change only.”

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16 // The Books That Shaped Me

Books were as much a part of my childhood as breathing. Bookshelves lined every available wall in our house, filled with books that my mom picked up at used book sales or stores for 25 cents. I read them all, educating myself so thoroughly that I never did a formal study of American history until I reached high school (I was home-educated, so this was an option).

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10 // Less Is More

A few months ago, toward the end of the summer, I deleted the native news app off my iPhone. It was the only news app I used, and as I no longer had Twitter or Facebook on my phone, either, this decision basically reduced my news consumption to zero.

And you know what?

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