Hey there, I’m Jessica!

I love systems, strategies, and making things better.

I’ve taught public speaking, communication, and leadership to thousands of students K-12 across the United States.

I’ve traveled over 13k miles in 10 weeks in a van full of high school grads—twice—hosting dozens of conferences for hundreds of people. Some were really great. Some were really…not great. I learned a lot about creating worthwhile experiences from both.

I spent three years as a police dispatcher and 911 call taker, a job in which I was often the first person to hear some of the worst stories imaginable. Some calls made me laugh, others will haunt me for the rest of my life, and everything they say about a full moon is absolutely true.

In September 2019 I decided to make a career change and enrolled in Praxis, a year-long professional business bootcamp and apprenticeship program.

In my free time, I enjoy drinking coffee, spending time with friends, writing (I’m drafting a series of historical fiction novels), watching movies (I write about what I watch here), and rewatching The West Wing.

As President Bartlet would say, “What’s next?”