3 // Small Stuff

It’s all in the small stuff. Here’s a list of small things that make my life better, in no particular order.

Drinking water. It’s not overkill to suggest that hydration is the key to everything. I’ve successfully drowned more than one prospective cold. And when I think I’m hungry, I’m probably thirsty.

Weighted blanket. Decent ones can be had for $50. I fall asleep faster, stay asleep better, and wake up more rested. And because the goal of the blanket is weight, not insulation, I was able to use it almost all summer, too!

Twitter. KonMari the shit out of that thing. If that person/word/hashtag doesn’t bring you joy, mute that sucker.

Cold showers. I’m not saying you have to dump buckets of ice water on your head, but I’ve found that a shower where there’s more cold water than hot coming out of the shower head leaves me more alert and refreshed.

MacBook cord winder. According to Amazon, I bought this on May 10, 2018. In the last eighteen months, I haven’t fought with my computer cord since.

PocketCasts. I really love this app. It’s free now, but I paid $4 for it back in the good ol’ days when you could actually buy things outright instead of signing your life away on a monthly basis (but I digress). It’s one of only two apps I’ve ever paid money for.

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