Fast Track to Operations Tech Stack // Part 1

This month, I’m building an operations tech stack from the ground up. In thirty days, I’m teaching myself the basics of Zapier, Hubspot, Autopilot, Trello, and TextExpander—and creating video tutorials about each application.

I outlined the project in a previous post, but already I’m making changes. My goal this week was to record two videos and edit and post them. However, as soon as I began scripting the videos, I realized just how integrated these applications can be. Not only is this “cool,” but it’s useful.

Rather than shooting each video in isolation, I decided to expand the script to show how these applications can interact with each other to increase productivity. In essence, I moved from a series of independent videos to a single longer video broken up into shorter segments.

Even with this change, I recorded a lot of the video and screen captures as well as a rough take of the voiceover.

However, this also made my original goal of posting two videos this week unrealistic and unnecessary. Since the project as a whole is to post tutorial videos—and not weekly video creation in and of itself—I’ve decided to adapt my original plan. Now, I’m planning to post all the videos during week four. In the end, I think this will result in a superior project.



Record, edit, and post two tutorial videos.


Script all the videos and record significant portions.

What I Learned

  • The best laid plans are just that: plans. Plans can change, which is fine; it’s only a problem if you don’t create a new plan or strategy.
  • There’s a reason voice actors stand up while recording—it makes you sound more awake, alive, alert, and engaged.

What’s Next?

Next week, I plan to tackle the editing of the videos in earnest. I’m sure I’ll have to rerecord some portions of the videos. I’ll also be recording the voiceovers.