Operations Roundup

I used to think operations was about organizing; now I know it’s about people.

I started Praxis knowing I was interested in operations. Working at a company to create and maintain the internal systems and structures that allow each employee to do their job best would thrill me. Taking a deep dive into the wide world of operations not only gave me a better feel for the role but made me more excited about future possibilities.

On Operations, with Bruce Phillips

I had the immense privilege of talking with Bruce Phillips, director of operations for Fisher House, a national non-profit. I’ve known Bruce most of my life and it was great to hear not only about his day-to-day responsibilities, but also the ways in which Fisher House has grown over the years to better serve the families of wounded military members.


Why Operations Matters

Operations is somewhat of a catchall term for anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere in a company. In this way, it’s more generalized than some of the other roles. But someone has to keep pick up, keep track of, and organize all the small details so they don’t fall through the cracks. This, in a nutshell, is why operations matters.


To Be Successful in Operations…

Operations isn’t just about organizing things; it’s about being aware of your surroundings and having a finger on the internal pulse of the organization. Here, I tease out some of the skills and traits worth developing to succeed in operations.



My Second Brain

The Building a Second Brain system is a great way to gather any form of digital information. But one big pile of information can be daunting to sort through. In this video, I look at a few ways to quickly sort through and organize the information you’ve gathered into something useful.