17 // Flipping Paradigms

Our world is built upon the principle that first is better.

On Patreon, the wildly-popular platform for individuals to support their favorite artists and creatives, artists often give their supporters access to new material before it is released more broadly.

But what if the paradigm were reversed?

For example, what if Patreon supporters had to wait an extra week or two to get the new material for free (“free” being relative here, since Patreon supporters already support the artist financially on a monthly basis).

Of course, there’s nothing to prohibit these supporters from going out and purchasing the album or content when it’s released, like everyone else.

But would they?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not even sure it matters.

But the question still fascinates me, because it takes a paradigm we’ve all become accustomed to—a specific way of thinking about and acting in the world—and flips it on its head.

I think most paradigms are worth turning upside down every once in a while.