Fast Track to Operations Tech Stack // Part 3

This month, I’m building an operations tech stack from the ground up. In thirty days, I’m teaching myself the basics of Zapier, Hubspot, Autopilot, Trello, and TextExpander—and creating video tutorials about each application. You can find the initial project outline here, the first update here, and the second update here.

Finishing a project the same week as Christmas was no small feat. While I knew it could be done, I also knew I’d have to enter the week with an intentional game plan if I wanted to pull it off.

In crafting this plan, I had two primary goals. First, family celebrations were my top priority, so the videos were going to have to work themselves around those, not the other way around. Second, I didn’t want the video quality to suffer, or to throw something together last minute.

I spent the bulk of Monday scripting and recording the voiceovers for the Hubspot and TextExpander videos. With the voiceovers completed, this gave me a lot of flexibility for when and where to edit the videos. By Tuesday afternoon, both of the videos were finished and ready to be uploaded. I’d also written the script for the Trello video.

[Christmas Day break]

On Thursday, I recorded the voiceover for my Trello video as well as a couple last-second parts of the screen recordings. Today (Friday), I put it all together.


Finish and post the last three videos—Hubspot, TextExpander, and Trello.


Posted the last three videos—Hubspot, TextExpander, and Trello!

What I Learned

  • Make time for the important things first. I crafted this week’s plan around family plans—and still had plenty of time to complete this project.
  • Having a plan is almost as valuable as sticking to it. Even though I did stick to my plan this week, what was most helpful mentally was knowing I had a plan.

New Discoveries

My second goal this week was to not let the video quality suffer despite not having as much time to put these videos together as in previous weeks. Not only did I achieve this, but if anything, each video got progressively better. I experimented with extra slides and images to add a bit of humor into some of the videos and found ways to illustrate my points that weren’t strictly screen captures.

At first, creating these extras took quite a bit of time. I used Keynote and created a custom slide size to fit the dimensions of my videos. From there, I had to hunt on Google for public domain images I could use. I exported the Keynote slides as .png files and imported them into DaVinci Resolve.

While I had a lot of fun with this, initially I wasn’t sure whether the payoff was worth it. But I liked each video I produced a bit more than the last, and I got faster at creating the extra slides.

This Week’s Videos




While I’m pleased with how all of these videos turned out, I’m especially proud of the Trello video. In addition to the basics of Trello, I added a week-by-week update of how I used Trello to track this entire project.