Fast Track to Operations Tech Stack – The Outline

This month I’m creating a project centered around my interest in the field of operations. While I have a lot of the soft skills needed for such a role—I’m organized and I enjoy creating systems—I want to hone some of the hard skills that would be used in such a field. Specifically, I’m going to learn some of the most common software tools and applications that someone in operations may use and document the experience.

This month, I’m creating a series of “crash course” videos—one per application, showing not only how to set up the software, but how to use it in action. By the end of this project, I will have a minimum of 4-5 videos.


Currently, I’m considering the following applications:

Hard and Soft Skills

Rather than focusing on one specific type of application, like CRMs or task management systems, I’ve chosen to diversify the applications across a wider field. This will allow me to gain exposure to more types of tools. Even if a future business partner or employer uses a different application than the ones I’m learning here, I will still understand how these systems function and be able to pick up similar systems faster than I would be able to otherwise.

In addition to learning these applications, I’m looking forward to further honing my video skills. Teaching is also something I enjoy, so this will give me an opportunity to exercise that muscle by creating tutorials that are helpful to others.

Technical Tools

For recording the tutorials, I plan to use Loom, a program that allows me to record my screen and audio at the same time. I’ll also have the option of recording my webcam. I’ll edit on DaVinci Resolve, which packs more into the free version than any other program I’ve found, while still remaining user-friendly. And I’ll publish the tutorials on my YouTube channel.


For the next three weeks, my goal is to publish 1-2 videos each week. I may shoot the videos more quickly than this, to give myself plenty of time for editing amongst holiday preparations. Regardless, at the end of each week I will publish a blog post detailing what I accomplished that week and what I’m anticipating for the coming week.


As a bonus, I plan to develop a checklist for creating the videos, a system that anyone could replicate to learn an application and create their own tutorials, and document this system as well.


I’m looking forward to expanding my personal tech stack while sharing what I’ve learned in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-replicate, and easy-to-learn-from package.